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This is Puppy.He is one of orginal memembers of the Associates of Pets.Puppy has acheived many things while on the board.He has showed many homeowners how to care and love for animals.Puppy brings many aspects to the table.He is able to bark really loud to help protect his family while also being able to run really fast to chase away and threats or squrriles.Puppy has been helping out homeowners since the beginig of time, and thats one of the reason he made such a great canidate for the Associates of Pets.Since he has been here forever Puppy knows some of the best tricks and tips on how to make his homeowners feel safe and happy.However Puppy is not just a great defense to protect his homeowners but he is also very compassionate.In Puppies 15 years of living in his homeowners house, records show that all of the homeowners use Puppy to get rid of stress;by cuddling, walking and just being with Puppy.

Puppy is a very active part of homeowners life so he does need a lot of food to make sure that he can keep everyone happy.Some food that Puppy needs is; kibble,dog meat,and water. In the end we can we can say that Puppy is a great member of the Associates of Pets.He is strong and can defend any of his homeowners.He is caring and can make anyone forgot their long day and be happy .Finally Puppy has been a part of the Associates of Pets for a long time.Which means he has the most experience on how to make his homeowners the most happy.We hope you can see how amazing Puppy is and how much he brings to the boards table!

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We would like to introduce you all to Kitten. She is one of our honary memebers of Associates of Pets. Kitten joined our board right after Puppy and the rivarly between the two has never ceased to stop.However the fight to become the boards most trusted has brought out many excellent qualities in Kitten.She has done many wonderful things for many homeowners.Kitten has a very distinctive meow,which makes it very easy to locate other lost kittens when lost.Kitten also can follow any light that appears which makes it easy for her to trace and type of movement or distinctive object, sound,or moving thing.Kitten also has sharp teeth that can bite through fences to retrive lost items.Although kitten has sharp teeth she always uses it for good and would never hurt a homeowner.

Kitten is very playful. Whenever homeowner is bored and doesn't know what to do, she can make her homeowner play for hours with a big smile on their face.As we mentioned Kitten has joined our board right after Puppy, and the rivalry between the two does not stop outside work.However we have seen that over the past few years that this compeition has been rather extreme.So after a long days work of trying to impress the board,kitten gets very hungry.Some foods that kitten needs to recharge and be the the best she can be is;fish,spam and carrots.In the end we can say the Kitten is one amazing part of our board.She is smart,quick witted and very dillegent.We are very proud of what Kitten has to offer to our board and we hope you can see what she has to offer as well!

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One of our newest members of the Associates of Pets is Hamster.Hamster is one of the most intutive memebers of our board.He is quick-witted and is able to assess any situation.Although Hamster is one the newest members of our board, he has adapted to situations very qucikly.Over the past 3 weeks Hamster has helped his homeowners plant many seeds by digging though the ground.Hamster loves being active and loves having a compaionship with he homeowners.One thing Hamster loves doing is running on his exercise ball.Since Hamster is so independent he is able to go hours with his ball, some food, and water.Not only is Hamster active and independent but he is also very smart.

The other day Hamsters homeowners decided that they lost a piece of the puzzle in a very small, and twisty maze like place in their house.After hearing about this Hamster decided to get the missing puzzle piece by navigating through the maze.As you can see Hamster is a very active part of the homeowners life.Not only does do many things to help the homeowners but he is very active, because of this Hamster needs some speacil food to keep him energized and ready for anythings.Some foods that really help keep Hamster going are;Apples,Banana,Zucchni,and Dandelion Greens.As you can see Hamster has such a diverse diet, which makes it so easy for his homeowners to give him a healthy diet.As we said in the beggining Hamster is one our newest members, but we are so proud of him.He is smart, diverse and active and is very caring.We are so glad that Hamster decided to join our board, and we hope you can see all of the amazing things he has to offer!

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We would like to welcome you to one of our most unique board memebers.She is intelligent, strong,and can make the best our of any situation.We would like you to meet Fish.Fish is our only vertabre animal on our Associates of Pets, which makes her our most unique.Fish does not live on land, but in the water.She is able to swim all day in her fish thank while surronded by sea-castles,alge, and so many more things.Not only is fish unique but she bring a lot to the table on board.Fish is very intelligent and can adapt to many situations.She is also our most independent pet. She can go hours upon hours without her homeowners worrying.

Fish is so amazing because she is able to capivate younger children easily.When her homeowners are feeling stressed and tired, fish can entertain the children for hours and captivate them.Now as you may know Fish swims around a lot.Therefore it makes her very tired, so she needs the proper nutrients to be able to be active all day.Some foods that can keep up and active all day are, plants, veggies, dried plants,alge,and dried worms.As you can see the only other pet that has such a diverse deit is Hamster, and with such a diverse diet it can allow your pet to be active and healthy.As you can see, Hamster is a very unique pet.She is diverse,smart and very independent.We are so glad that she joined our board and was able to bring something new and so cool to our board, and we hope you can see what a excellent addition Fish is!

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