How can you emphasize art?

People can use art in many ways.To help express emotions,convey opinions,show how you feel about certain topics, and especially the world through your eyes.

The following link will take you to a page that talks about how you can you use different techniques when emphasizing a point in your artwork.It tells you different ways you can do this in most of the 12 fundamental styles of art.

this image,was my painting to emphasize the current matter of BLM.
One thing that art has given us the ability to do,is to emphasize different things.For example using darker or bolder colors such as black,red,bright orange and bright yellow artists are able to convey that they feel strongly about something. Bolding different lines,and shading darker might emphasize a more solem tone or a more aggressive tone.
Artists usually go by the pattern of darker colors=aggressive, brighter colors=joyful , dull colors=more solem colors
Especially now, there are a lot of things artistis can emphasis on.Black Lives Matter,Lebonon, Gender Equality, Yemen and Covid-19 are just a few.So how we use art to bring awareness on some of these very important topics is what makes art so versatile and amazing.