What is art?

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I'm sure that you know what art is.I'm also sure you have probably done some sort of art before.But what exactly is art?

ART: Art is the diverse range of human activities.
They express a persons imagination,ideas,
skills,thoughts and opinions.
The image above is showing
a story,on how broken they
feel by using shading and bolding
Just like how art can take many shapes and forms,art is truly subjective, which means,it can mean something different to everyone.However if you were to sum up art in a couple of sentences it would sounds like this. "As humans we have many thoughts,ideas,and opinions,but how we convey these things, so, others can learn from it too is what has made us such a progressive civilization.Art is a story.Its a message, and through many many years its how we share our stories,our struggles,our ideas,and thoughts to others. Art truly is the way we are able to say what we feel, through our hands."