Why was art created?

Art has been around for ages.Historians even believe that the first piece of art created was made in 700,000 B.C.! Now as humans progressed we started to spread to different parts of the world.As we started to spread throughout the world, we began to incorparate our culture,style,nature and so many more things into our art.

The table below shows different ancient cultures,the time period they lived in,why that time period made the art and a picture of how the art looked in that time period.!

Art through ages
Name Time Period Why it was created Image
India 1500-500 BCE The first art that was found in India was actually a rock.It was used to show the details of Mahabhartha, an Indian epic. Other art found in India consisted of Cave paintings and sketching of the beautiful mountains and rivers.
Africa 3600BC-500AD Art was first made in Africa to show symbolism on different folktales they have.They mostly created art out of wood, and clay and all the art they make has great symbolism to nature or a story.
Greece 700-480AD Art was first said to be found in greece after the Archerial Time period.The art made was to mostly emphasize the accomplishments made by the people.The art that was made to honor these accomplishments were placed all around the city for everyone to see!Another piece of art that was common was, art that honors the gods.The greece loved their gods, and they loved making art to honor them as well.
Columbia 200-800CE Columbia was a fishing and trading city which made their art unique.The Columbians mostly made their art into ceramics.The art they made was very expensive,since it was always rimmed with jewels such as rubies and emeralds and especially gold.The art they made not only was expensive for trading, but also showed the culture, with the color choice and the moulding.